BuddyPress Main Options

These Options are available within the Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > BuddyPress options > Main Options.

Below is a screenshot on this:

Profile / Group Layout: Determines the layout of the BuddyPress Profile and BuddyPress Groups navigation components, whether to be rendered horizontally or vertically.

Personal Calendar: Enables the calendar display on member / user profile.

Personal Note: This field enables the rendering of a personal note tab on the user profiles.

Social Fields: Enables the rendering of a social fields section on the users profiles.

User Member Title: This option enables the display of username or both the First name and Last name within the members directory.

Roles Filter: When enabled, it renders a role filter at the top of the members directory.

Members advanced search: When enabled, it renders an advanced members search tab with a number of search fields depending on the enabled search fields in the “Dynamic Fields” section.

Sort Members by: Renders a Sort field in the members directory when enabled.

Members Layout: Determines the layout that members will be rendered in the members directory.

Members per page: Here you can set the number of members that you would want to be rendered in the members directory.

Members Excluded (Directory): Within this field you can specify any user role that you do not wish rendered in the members directory. If a member / user is of the set role, such a member will not be displayed in the members directory.

Members Directory autolinks: When enabled, it will be involved in auto search for BuddyPress fields displayed in the directory.

Member Matching Field: If a field is set here, the current member will only see members having the same choice as the set field.