Lead Status Management

With WOffice CRM, you can now assign a status to your leads as well as display the statuses alongside the assigned leads to them.

Lead Status

There are 8 default status included within the plugin that you can use fro leads within your website. These are:

  • Action Required
  • Archived
  • Follow up
  • Ignorable
  • Important
  • New
  • Stale
  • Waiting

Adding / Editing a Lead Status

You can add more lead status to your website by carrying out the following:

Navigate to the Leads section within your WordPress dashboard

If you do not have a lead in place, begin by creating a new lead as outlined here. If on the other hand you already have a lead in place, navigate to the statuses column and on one of your leads, click on the status in place.

On the dropdown rendered click on “Add/Edit Client Statuses”

This will lead you to a list with all statuses. Within the left panel, you can add your new status name and assign a color to it.

You can also edit the default lead status or any lead status you may have added from the right pane by hovering on it and clicking on the edit link.

Upon doing so, you can edit details such as the name, slug and also alter the color of the status.