Project permissions

The permissions settings for the projects are somewhat different from the wiki and blog post ones.

Who can create a project article ?: Here you can select which roles can create projects from the front-end, but there isn’t any option for the editing part. The reason is that, by default, the projects are editable by:

  • All members assigned to the project itself;
  • Author of the project;
  • Administrators.

Are the projects public by default?: With the help of this field, you can also set if the projects will be public by default. If enabled, every users can view the projects but only the members assigned to the projects can edit them (this option can be overriden in every single project, Project Settings section).

During the creation of a project, the creator can disallow the members of the projects to edit it. So only himself and the administrators will be able to edit it. To do this, the user has to check this option during the process of the project creation: