We advise you to use Learndash which is so far the best eLearning WordPress plugin. However be aware than even though the license is worth its price, it is still not a cheap license. 

Woffice is 100% compatible with Learndash, regarding the plugin itself you must see their documentation for all the details: Documentation. Everything is explained step by step and Woffice will not change nor affect anything. 

The theme will give you an elegant design for Learndash elements. We also created a shortcode generator which is available in the Page Builder as a block.

Frontend course edit

If you want to let your members edit / create courses, you need to have a look at this plugin: 

It will work fine with Woffice and has been tested. 

BuddyPress integration 

You should install this free plugin:

It’s compatible with Woffice and it is really useful for BuddyPress & Learndash. This is a must-have when using Learndash along with BuddyPress.

BadgeOS integration

If you want to manage badges in your community, here are 3 plugins you need on your site: