In order to set up your dashboard page, please follow these steps: 

1. Create a new Dashboard WordPress page: 

Make sure to select “Dashboard” as a template, it is very important. The name can be changed and the content of the page does not matter as it will be overwritten. 
Do not forget to save your page, it should be an empty page if you view it. 

2. Set up some widgets for your dashboard page by adding widgets to the “Dashboard Widgets” area within the Appearance > Widgets section within your WordPress dashboard:

There is no limit in the number of widgets and you can add widgets from third-party plugins as well. 

3. Have a look to the available options to customize it in Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Home Dashboard section.

4. That’s all. 

It is not possible to choose exactly the position of the widgets on the Dashboard, given that they are organized by the Masonry.js library, which computes the position depending on the Widget sizes and Window device sizes. It also varies on a user-basis, if you have the Drag-and-Drop option enabled from your Woffice Theming Options > Home Dashboard.