How to translate the theme with Loco Translate

The Woffice theme can also be translated with the Loco Translate plugin, which provides an easy approach for theme and plugin translations.

In order to translate the Woffice theme, you will need to carry out the following:

  1. Install the Loco Translate Plugin from the Plugins > Add New section within your WordPress dashboard and activate it

2. Navigate to the Loco Translate > Theme section within your WordPress dashboard and select the “Woffice” theme

3. On the next screen, select your desired translation language or create a “new language” if not present

If creating a new language, you should select the “custom“ option as illustrated below:

This is so that your new translations are safe from automatic updates.

4. Translate the Strings one by one, saving your changes for each String.

The “Source Text” field holds the original String and the “Translation” field is where you fill in your desired String translation.

5. Preview your site to check whether the translations take effect.