Login Page

Woffice gives you the ability to customize your login page to control its content, features and “look & feel”. 

There are however a few steps that you need to do on your side in order to get it working.  

Creating the login page and replacing the existing one

In order to enable the Woffice’s custom login page, please follow these steps: 

if you do not have any Login page created yet, see the “Pages” page on your WordPress dashboard to check. 

  • Create a new “Login” page in WordPress, Pages > Add New, feel free to name it with something else.
  • Once created, in the Template select field, choose “Login“:

Publish your page. 

Once you have a Login page created:

  • Go to the Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Login Options tab
  • Enable the “Custom login page” toggle
  • In the Login Page option, type your login page name. It will come up after a few characters are typed. Select it. 
  • Make any design / content change from this tab
  • Be sure to save at the end

That’s all. Your WordPress login page should now redirects to the selected Login page.

Be sure that this login page is not assigned to any other functionality such as: 

  • WordPress posts page (Settings > Reading)
  • WordPress static page (Settings > Reading)
  • any BuddyPress page (Settings > BuddyPress > Pages)
  • any Third-party page

That is very important because otherwise your site will create endless loops and your site will stop being accessible.