Site Privacy

Restrict access to your Intranet

Please note that all of those settings do not relate to the Buddypress content – see the specific section below for that. 

First of all, we offer you the ability to restrict the access to your website for the connected users (therefore registered as well). 

You can find this option from your WordPress dashboard under Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Permissions section. 

Once you’ve restricted the access to your website, you can also open up specific pages to the public (eg. Blog page) – they will all remain available for not logged in users. Below is a sample screenshot on this:

Whether you’re running a corporate portal, an e-learning platform, or any other website containing sensitive information about your users, we really advocate you to make it private, and later down the line, open some pages to the public.

Although Woffice is primarily targeted toward Intranet and communities, you can also leave the whole website available to the public, and only restrict content on a page-basis. You would do that from the Single Page editing section.

Buddypress settings

You also have to set the same permissions for the Buddypress pages: Members Directory page, Groups Directory page and Activity page.