Woffice Event Extension

Since version 2.8.2 (https://hub.woffice.io/woffice/changelog), Woffice comes with its own Event calendar extension. Which aims to replace the Dp Pro Event Calendar and EventON. However, you can still use EventON calendar as it is still available and included with your Woffice license.

Why would you do that?

  • We can provide you support for this important functionality. Which we can’t on bundled plugins.   
  • Both plugins are missing important features such as a BuddyPress integration which we’ve been asked a LOT. 
  • We can provide improvements on theme updates and listen to your Feedback. 
  • We have full control of the features, and it’ll only get better. 

How to enable it?

  • Navigate to the Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Theme Extensions >Woffice Event
  • Enable the option “Enable Woffice Event Extension”
  • Set the Days that the calendar will display
  • Select your desired starting day
  • Set your desired calendar status

Once enabled, you will get a new Calendar tab in the: 

  • User Profile
  • Group single Page
  • Individual Projects with the Calendar sync enabled 

The goal of this new extension is to provide an easy-to-use Calendar feature that works with Woffice’s most important components.

To use a global calendar (so shared with all users), use the following shortcode: [woffice_calendar visibility=”general” id=”1″]

This shortcode can be used to display ANY calendar on any page/post/widget  

  • visibility: project, group, personal, general
  • id: the attached ID of the project or group