Sidebar options

In order to now configure the sidebar display options, you will need to navigate to the Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Sidebar Options section.

Below is a screenshot on this:

Sidebar Options List

Display the Sidebar On Pages: Enables the rendering of a sidebar on pages.
Ps: It does not work on the page set to render posts in your website, or rather the blog page.

Only for logged users: Facilitates the rendering of the sidebar only to logged in users when enabled.

Sidebar on Group & Member Pages: When enabled, it facilitates the rendering of the sidebar on Group and Member directory URLs.

Sidebar on Blog Pages: Facilitates the rendering of the sidebar on blog posts specifically.

Open the sidebar by default: Determines whether to have the sidebar rendered by default, or whether to have a toggle on the right to hide/display the sidebar.

Display the Sidebar on Mobiles: An option to determine whether to display the sidebar on mobile devices or not.

Minimum Sidebar Height: Here you can set a figure to specify the minimum height that the sidebar should occupy.

Show scroll arrow in the sidebar ?: When enabled, a double scroll down arrow is rendered at the bottom of the sidebar to assist users in navigation of the sidebar.