With around 10 000 tickets opened just for Woffice, we can assume that the support is very important and we want to get it right. 

XTendify does not provide support by email nor through Themeforest comments. 

To receive a proper response as quickly as possible, please make sure to

  • Include as many details as possible, screenshots help a lot
  • Debug your issue on your side first: Debugging
  • If possible, send us admin credentials so we can have a look for you
  • Have a valid Themeforest support license, otherwise you will need to extend it. See this article

Support does not cover

  • Customizations – if you are looking for, you can reach out to our team here or seek services from  WP Kraken, they are very proficient and offer a competitive rate. 
  • Help with third-party plugins 
  • Environment related issues, we will help in the troubleshooting but we will not be able to fix them

You can find the full support policy here

To receive some help about any question, you need to open a new ticket at Woffice Support