Creating your Blog page


Here are the different steps to create a blog page for your site:

  1. Create a new page in WordPress, name it as you want, it does not matter. 
  2. Assign it to the “blog” template: 

3. Publish it. 

4. Make sure it is not assigned to the “Posts Page” option (Settings > Reading) :

Otherwise another slightly different template would be used. Which is the default Woffice blog page. 

Then, you just need to create articles. WordPress has an excellent article explaining every detail about how to wrote your article here


You can restrict any blog post or the whole blog page per role.  It is also possible to make your blog public and keep the rest of the site private. 

Customize your blog 

We highly recommend you to have a look to the Woffice Settings > Blog tab. You will be able to customize: 

  • The layout
  • Default title
  • Number of articles per page
  • Columns number 
  • Author box
  • Likes counter

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