Fixing Unyson 2.7.24 Session Error

Within the Tools>Site Health section you will notice such an error caused by the Unyson plugin: “A PHP session was created by a session_start() function call. This interferes with REST API and loopback requests. The session should be closed by session_write_close() before making any HTTP requests.” In order to fix it, you will need to […]

Dev Doc

Dev doc

Woffice can be seen as a framework to support your applications. You will find many options from the theme settings and extensions. However, those options actually represent a very small part of the available possible customizations. Indeed, Woffice is full of actions, filters and ready to be overwritten functions.  To use those features, you need a […]



In this section, we will quickly review the different steps you can follow along to debug.  First and foremost, the most important debugging tool you need to know about is WP_DEBUG, a boolean constant, which triggers the “debug” mode throughout WordPress. Enable Debugging Turn on WP_DEBUG from your wp-config.php file at the root the WordPress directory: When set to […]