Dev doc

Dev Doc

Woffice can be seen as a framework to support your applications. You will find many options from the theme settings and extensions.

However, those options actually represent a very small part of the available possible customizations. Indeed, Woffice is full of actions, filters and ready to be overwritten functions. 

To use those features, you need a Child theme so you can use its functions.php file to make your changes. See this article for more details. 

How to find the right action, filter or function? 

You have access to the woffice source files as it is what you download from Themeforest. Therefore, you can use any code editor to make a global search and look for what you want, you will have to sort all the matches and will probably find the right filter. Otherwise, ask us. 

How do I use a filter or an action? 

We highly recommend you to checkout these WordPress documentation pages: 

Let’s do a quick example to see how easy it is. 

The goal will be to change the logo’s link from the home page to any custom URL of your choosing:

1. You can use the code below:

apply_filters('woffice_logo_link_to', home_url( '/' ) );

2. Go to you woffice-child/functions.php file and open it with your favorite code editor, then just add your new filter: 

add_filter('woffice_logo_link_to', function($url) {    // Make any change here, just return a string which by default is $url which is: home_url( '/' )    return "";});

That’s a very simple example and does not make a lot of sense. But obviously you can do any kind of PHP process on your side and just use any link. 

3. Save and upload. 

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