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There are many ways to install a WordPress theme, we are going to proceed through the different scenarios here. 

You can find more details about WordPress themes and how they are working here

Use and not

You can download from Themeforest two zip files:

  • woffice.<version>.zip which is an installable WordPress theme
  • which is the whole package: theme, changelog, license, demo…

You need to upload the first one. 

If you are using Woffice 2.8.0 or above, please make sure to use the BuddyPress Nouveau template pack from the BuddyPress Settings page. See: Update to 2.8.0

Step by step set up

Images are too small? Hard to read? Just click them. 

1. Login into your fresh WordPress installation, once in the dashboard

2. Go to Themes > Add New 

 3. Click to the “Upload Theme” button

  4. Click “Choose file” to open your computer’s file explorer

 5. Select the woffice.<version>.zip file downloaded from Themeforest. The version is changing on every new release.

Upload trouble?

The upload might fail. Usually, it is due to a max upload size set on your sever’s configuration. But it could happen for some other reasons. No problem, checkout the “Manual Installation” below. 

6. Click the “Activate” link. 

7. A notice will show up on your screen, click “Being installing plugins”.

8. Woffice requires Unyson. And highly recommend BuddyPress. The rest depends on your own use. 

Make sure to install and activate them. You can always come back later to this step. Appearance > Install plugins

Install all the plugins in 2 clicks: 

9. Go to Settings > Permalinks and make sure the Post name option is selected. 

Without this option most of your pages will return 404 errors. 

You are all set! 

Multisite installation (MU)

The Multisite installation is working, but it is a bit more tricky because no plugin will be installed for you by default. 

Indeed, the plugin installer is not working on Multisite installations. 

  1. Follow the “Step by step set up” above up to step 6
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for “Unyson“, install and activate it. 
  3. Go to Plugins > Add New > Search for “BuddyPress“, install and activate it. 
  4. To install any bundled plugin from Woffice (such as: Revolution slider, Dp Pro Event, WP Page Builder, EventON…..) 
    You need to go in the Woffice Main package file (available from your Downloads page on Themeforest), You will see many .zip files. They are all ready-to-be-installed WordPress plugins. 

As for the Woffice Core plugin, you can find it within the Woffice > inc directory path

5. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload (official documentation for more details) and upload the plugins.

lin Manual installation 

If for some reason you cannot upload the Woffice theme through the WordPress Themes page.
Well, you can always upload it manually, which is in fact faster. Using a FTP client. 

What is a FTP client?

A FTP client lets you browse through your server’s file as a file explorer. You can download and upload files from your computer to your server. 

We invite you to read this tutorial

  • Connect to your server by FTP 
  • Go to wp-content/themes/ 
  • Upload woffice.<version>.zip 
  • Unzip it there, you should have wp-content/themes/woffice/ 
  • Go to Appearance > Themes > Woffice > Activate
  • Follow the step by step guide above from step 7. 

Video tutorial 

This video covers the installation and the demo setup. 

If you encounter any error along the lines of “Are you sure you want to do this?” after installing the theme from your WordPress Dashboard, please refer to the “Common Issues” section

This is an example of a generic WordPress error. It can be due to a heap of different causes, but it’s usually related to the PHP memory limit on your server. 

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