Any new project created creates a new directory in your FTP where files are stored. There is also an option for each project to deactivate this feature.

You can customize the File Away settings by changing its settings, see this article.

Once the directory created, Woffice will automatically create two shortcodes within the project’s page: 

  • A list shortcode to display the directory’s files
  • An upload shortcode to let your users upload new files

So by default, it will work fine and you do not need to anything. 

However, File Away’s shortcodes attributes are very extensive and you can add a dozen different new attributes to enhance those shortcodes. 

That is why, if needed, you can customise those shortcodes very easily (see the Dev doc and Child Theme articles first) by copying/pasting the following function into your child theme’s functions.php file: 


 * Returns the File Away file manager


function woffice_projects_fileway_manager($post_slug) {

        $sub_name = "projects_" . $post_slug;


         * Filter to enable or not the manager mode for the project file manager


         * @param bool


        $has_manager_mode = apply_filters('woffice_projects_fileway_manager_mode', true);

        $manager_att = ($has_manager_mode) ? 'manager="on"' : '';

        /* We output the directory */

        echo do_shortcode('[fileaway base="1" makedir="true" sub="' . $sub_name . '" '.$manager_att.' type="table" directories="true" paginate="false" makedir="true"  flightbox="images" bulkdownload="on"]');

        /* We output the file uploader */

        echo do_shortcode('[fileup base="1" makedir="true" exclude=".exe,.php" matchdrawer="true" sub="' . $sub_name . '"]');


You are free to add / change any attribute but also add some extra logic based on some PHP functions. 

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