For version 3.0.1:

We have received reports from customers who have been using our WOffice Theme during the earlier versions of the theme, that they are having problems updating the bundled WPBakery Page Builder after updating WOffice to the latest version. As an alternative method to resolve this, you may delete WPBakery Page Builder from your list of Installed Plugins and you should be able to see a notice just like the one in the image below and just click on Begin installing plugin:

This should guide you through the process of installing the latest compatible version of WPBakery Page Builder for your website.

For version 2.5.4 or earlier:

From the version 2.5.4, Woffice includes WPBakery Page Builder in the package. It works much better than the Unyson Page Builder and we strongly believe that our customers deserve it. However, there are still some important points to note:

1. The demo data

The demo data is still stored with the Unyson page builder. This means that if you are using Visual Composer instead of Unyson Page Builder and you import the demo content, then some page will not work correctly and you will have to create them by yourself. Some examples: Contact Us, File Manager, Learndash pages. So basically only the pages that use visual elements, which is only for some specific parts.

2. The compatibility between plugins

We did many tests with both Unyson plugin and WPBakery plugin active at the same time. Although they might work, we have faced many troubles with the editor trying to use it. In some cases we had to switch from one to another and vice versa every time we tried to edit a page, to make things working. So in order to have a better experience and be sure that your content will not be deleted by mistake, we strongly suggest you to keep only one of the two plugins active.

If you need more information about how to use Visual Composer, you can check out this link.

For older versions:

You just need to enable the page builder extension.

Then you wil see in every page : (once clicked on “Visual Page Builder”)

The shortcodes included by the theme are in woffice/framework-customizations/extensions/shortcodes/shortcodes/ 

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