Fatal error while updating to WOffice 5

Woffice 5

If updates from previous versions of WOffice such as WOffice versions 4 are not properly carried out, one is likely to encounter a critical or Fatal error. Below is an example of one such common error:

Fatal error: require_once(): Failed opening required '/wp-content/plugins/woffice-core/libs/vendor/autoload.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php7.4') in /wp-content/themes/woffice/inc/init.php on line 72

This error is caused by the WOffice Core plugin. It occurs as a result of either:

i) Carrying out the WOffice theme update before deactivating the WOffice COre plugin

ii) Activating the WOffice core plugin immediately after updating the WOffice theme, without first updating the WOffice Core plugin

Steps to Carry out Upon Encountering the error

Fatal errors such as this will make your dashboard inaccessible. So what you can do is:

  • Log into FTP Account using FileZilla or similar program
  • Go to wp-content/themes directory
  • Rename your WOffice theme folder to for example “woffice-old”
  • Access your WordPress dashboard and within the Plugins section, disable the WOffice Core plugin
  • Navigate back to your accessed FTP Account and rename back the “woffice-old” to your original woffice theme name, which in this case is “woffice”

Upon carrying out the above, you should be in a position to access your WordPress dashboard again.

We recommend following the steps exactly as outlined in our “How to update to WOffice 5

Guide when updating from older versions of WOffice in order to avoid Fatal errors.

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