Modifying WOffice Kanban Columns

WOffice Kanban View

As of WOffice 4.2.0, you can now modify WOffice Kanban columns to your preference.

This can be achieved from the Appearance > Theme Settings > WOffice Kanban > Column Settings section.

Default Columns

The default columns are TODO, Active,Urgent and Completed.

Adding and Deleting Columns

This can be achieved as illustrated below:

You can have a maximum of 6 columns. If the number of columns you have are less than 4, the default 4 columns are what will be displayed.

If you happen to also delete a column and save your changes, its tasks will be rendered in the first column.

Duplicating, Editing and Sorting Columns

You can also edit columns you have in place, duplicate theme and sort them to your preferred order of display as illustrated below:

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