The Docs to Wiki plugin requires you to set the following data:

  • Upload credentials file
  • Google Developer Key
  • Google App Id
  • Google ClientId

In order to set this data, you will need to set up an OAuth 2.0 Client ID and API key by carrying out the steps below:

  1. Create a Project

This can be achieved by navigating to this link:

Here you will need to create your project. Below is a sample illustration:

2. Navigate to the Credentials section.

Below is a screenshot on this:

3. Create an API key

4. Still within the Credentials section, create an OAuth client ID

5. Add your OAuth Client Details

The Authorized Javascript Origin URL should for example follow the structure: Example Domain

The Authorized redirect URI on the other hand should be your site domain URL with “/wp-admin/edit.php?post_type=docstowiki” appended to it. An example to this is:

6. Download your credentials.json file

7. Navigate to the Library section, search for the following APIs and have them enabled:

Google Drive API

GooglePicker API

8. Navigate back to the credentials section and select to edit your API key

9. Restrict your API key, select the newly added APIs and save your changes

10. Fill in the Docs to Wiki plugin settings within the Docs to Wiki > Settings section within the WordPress dashboard by adding the following data:

i) Google ClientId: Here, you will need upload the credentials.json file we downloaded in step 6

ii) Google App Id: Here, you will need to fill in your OAuth 2.0 Client ID

iii) Google Developer Key: Within this field, you will need to fill in your API key

11. Submit your changes

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