Translate the datepicker


If ever you need to translate the Date picker component for your project, .po files will not work here. As it is all managed through a third-party JavaScript plugin. 

Hopefully, it’s easily changeable. Add the following to your child theme’s functions.php:


 * Add the datepicker translation by overriding the English one


function woffice_calendar_translation() {

    $data = '


         * Calendar translation



            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].days           = ["dimanche", "lundi", "mardi", "mercredi", "jeudi", "vendredi", "samedi"];

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].months         = ["janvier", "février", "mars", "avril", "mai", "juin", "juillet", "août", "septembre", "octobre", "novembre", "décembre"];

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].daysShort      = ["dim.", "lun.", "mar.", "mer.", "jeu.", "ven.", "sam."];

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].daysMin        = ["d", "l", "ma", "me", "j", "v", "s"];

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].monthsShort    = ["janv.", "févr.", "mars", "avril", "mai", "juin", "juil.", "août", "sept.", "oct.", "nov.", "déc."];

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].today          = "Aujourd\'hui";

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].monthsTitle    = "Mois";

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].clear          = "Effacer";

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].weekStart      = 1;

            $.fn.datepicker.dates[\'en\'].format         = "dd/mm/yyyy";



    wp_add_inline_script( 'woffice-projects-datepicker', $data);


add_action('wp_enqueue_scripts', 'woffice_calendar_translation', 100);

This is an example for the French version, you can find the existing translations from here:

Keep the same format as the example above and copy/paste the values only from the built-in translations. As you can notice the format is different.

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