Display kanban from OKRS

Displaying a Kanban of OKRs that you have added is implementable. To utilize this feature, apart form the Woffice Kanban plugin, you would also need to use the Woffice OKRs plugin.

Once you have the plugin in place, you can create a new page and add a Shortcode to the page to render the OKRs. You can either render all OKRs or a specific OKR ID.

Rendering All OKRS

In order to render a Kanban based on OKRs, you will need to add the following Shortcode:

[woffice_kanban type="okrs"]

Rendering a Specific OKR

To display a Kanban from OKRs based on a single okr id, you will instead need to use the Shortcode below:

[woffice_kanban type="okrs" id="okrs_id"]

In the Shortcode, you will need to alter the okrs_id value and replace it with your OKR ID. You can find your OKR ID by accessing the OKRs section within your WordPress dashboard and within the ID section, you will find the OKR ID.

Once this is done, save your changes.