Request For Review Option

Since WOffice 4.1.6, the WOffice theme incorporates an option to request for the review of To do tasks by project members.

This feature is available both in the backend and front-end.

Backend Implementation

In order to implement this within your tasks, you will need to ensure that:

1.You have a project in place with project members assigned to it

2.Create a task and assign a member or members to it

3.Enable the option “Request For Review” and Select the member to review as illustrated in the screenshot below:

4. Save your changes.

Front-end Implementation

In this implementation, users will need to be in a position to view and edit projects on the front-end. For such users they will need to:

1.Visit the project on the front-end

2.Select a task to edit a task by clicking on the edit icon on the task.

3. On the dropdown rendered, enable the option “Request For Review”

4. To the right, you will then be presented with an option to select the user to assign for review of the task.

5. Within the field, you can select a username from the available project members.
Please do note that if a user is not assigned as a project member to the specific project, his username will not be displayed.

On the other hand, If no task is available within the project, users will need to first create a new task, enable the option “REQUEST FOR REVIEW” and select a user to review the task.