Sending Daily Email Notifications for Projects and Tasks

Requirement: Ensure that you add a license within the Appearance > Woffice Plugin License > Advanced Email section and activate it.

Ps: The license needs to be enabled to have this functionality working.

If order to have emails sent out to users based on their assigned projects and tasks, you will need to carry out the following:
1. Navigate to the Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Posts/Wiki/Projects > Project Options


3. Add your desired email content within the “Daily Email Notification Content” section:

Here you can use the following dynamic variables:

{user_name} : This renders the specific member username within the site

{project_info} : Displays information about the project such as the project name, project URL and assigned task.

4. Save your changes.


The Cron Action used within the theme for this functionality is woffice_check_notification_everyday

When the Cron-job will run within your site, the notification will be sent out to the respective users on a daily basis.