Enabling Beta Testing In WOffice

NB: We highly recommend carrying out this process on a staging site or a demo install first.

In order to utilize the latest beta release of WOffice theme, you need to first enable Beta within your website.
To achieve this, you will need to carry out the following steps:

i) Go to the Appearance > Woffice Theming Options > Theme Extensions section within your WordPress dashboard

ii) Navigate to the Woffice Updater section

iii) Enable the Woffice Updater option and fill in your Envato username and password

v) Enable the “ Beta tester” option

vi) Save your changes

vii) Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > Updates section within the site and here you should have a view of the pending Woffice beta update.

viii) Navigate to the Appearance > Install Plugins and update the WOffice core plugin